Finding a partner who shares your interests

When you are looking for that special someone, it is important to find someone who shares your interests. Maybe you enjoy cycling for miles across the UK at the weekends, or perhaps you enjoy a game of golf on a Sunday? It would naturally follow that you would want to share these interests with a partner, whether that means sharing a film together at your local cinema, or spending a Saturday afternoon sweating and then sharing a milkshake at your gym.

Equally, it is important to be honest with yourself first about your level of fitness and that which you would expect from a partner.

It is also worth considering which sports lend themselves better to being joint ventures, rather than solitary pursuits. A game of tennis is a great way for a sporty couple to be able to get to know each other better.  On a first date, if you are feeling particularly nervous, you could even join up with another couple for a game of doubles. On the other end of the scale, swimming might not be the best suggestion for an early date. Between concerns about lumps and bumps in swimming costumes and underwater acoustics (or lack thereof), a swimming date might be best left to the coffee in the café afterwards. Maybe a good way to share your love of sport with your partner would be to visit a sporting event together. From watching a premier league football match, right down to watching your local team in the park, the possibilities for a couple who enjoys sport to spend some time together here are endless.

For a couple who enjoy fitness and sports, why not try something more adventurous on a date? Local leisure centres offer ‘adventure days’, which could include circus tricks, such as tightrope walking, or trapeze skills. Why not get back to the wild and have a go at abseiling, or on the death-defying flying fox?

Whatever you chose to do on your sporting date, be safe and enjoy!

Finding a fitness dating partner who shares your interests.